Gates of Derrilen

Those damn, dirty, dam-dealin' apes

Bye Bye Birdie

After sleeping on their options, the party decided that their next course of action was to visit the History Guild in Gildam to find out more about their new responsibilities. Ospin, Zahir, Shadow, and Limbo left first thing in the morning with the rest of the party promising to catch up with them. On their first night, they decided to set up camp two hours into the forest. During his watch, Limbo spotted out several creatures passing dangerously close to the camp shortly before sunrise. Playing it safe, they took the fight to these creatures before they could be spotted. Closer inspection revealed these creatures as being humanoid with green scales covering their body and a lizard like snout. Each of them (3) were accompanied by a pair of dog sized creatures with similar lizard traits to their handlers. After they quickly dispatched of the possible threat and starting yet another forest fire, they concluded that it was likely a scouting party and moved on.

Bewilder caught up with the party quickly using the ever so common smokestack they tend to leave behind. Few hours pass by of uneventful travel until a slight shine catches Zahirs eye. He finds an old lamp underneath the foliage, worn with age. As he wipes the tarnish off the lamp, it releases a bestial roar from it. Surprised, the parties first instinct is to hide as several apes gathered on the surrounding treetops. Only seconds passed before the ground beneath them began to rumble with increasing veracity. Through the treeline a Giant Ape smashes his way through the overgrow and quickly spots out Bewilder hiding in a tree.

The Giant Ape hurls a large boulder towards the cleric, smashing into his bird body leaving him with 1hp. Undeterred by this, Bewilder flies beak first into danger and grapples onto the Apes back. Unfortunately, Bewilder is not quite out of reach as one of the Apes massive fist slams into him, knocking him unconscious. Shadow quickly responds and dashes to pull him out of danger while Zahir and Limbo distract him. Ospin hurries his way over to his fallen friend to heal him, but Bewilder has succumbed quicker than expected to the devastating blow and remains motionless. In a fit of rage, Ospin unleashes a furious inferno of fiery attacks at the ape, finishing it off and then immediately calling to The Eldritch Eight for help. Arguing how to proceed next, the party is interrupted by an arcane flash carrying Kawalsh, Luminaire, and Seldom. Being dead for over a minute, Luminaire was unable to revive his former apprentice, but Seldom was more prepared. He warned the party of the dangers of bring the dead back to life, and that he would not return as the same bird brain they knew. With the players consent and the consumption of a mysterious spell component, Seldom reincarnated bewilder into an air genasi (to Zahirs happy surprise). They also learn that the tarnished lamp was one of an unknown number of artifacts knows as a “Lamp of the Beast (Ape)”

The next day, the party stumbles upon the aftermath of a wagon explosion. Burrowing through the wreckage, they happily stumble across a chest seemingly untouched by the explosion. Inside they find a wooden shield, adorned with red circles on the front and a metal band etched with arcane sigils, two rings, one with a gold band formed to look like flames surrounding a red gem, and one in the shape of a skull with the jawbone surrounding the finger, two sets of plate armor, one adorned with spikes and claws throughout the entire set and the other with a belt decorated with a small golden sword between a red hammer and arrow, and a large warhammer, made of a dark green material and the word “Warcry” etched into the side. Counting their blessings, the party moves on towards their destination.

At Sundown, the party reaches the small town of Riverwheel. The buildings are in a state of recent disrepair as members of the town work on repairs. Adell, an overweight older man, clean shaven and bald, welcomes the party to town and tells them that Lizardfolk and their drakes have been attacking the town lately, demanding supplies and that they’d return at next sunset. The party stays the night, helping with what repairs they can, and sets a trap for the Lizardfolks arrival. After a battle involving hunting traps and a makeshift bomb of Ospins concoction, they easily defended the town and captured one of the Lizardfolk to interrogate.

The interrogations revealed that a lizardfolk tribe are being invaded by “snake people” and the attacks on Riverwheel only for survival purposes. They manage to get the location of the “snake city” out of their prisoner before Bewilder brutally bashes its skull in


Arschev Arschev

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