Gates of Derrilen

Catch a Cockatrice!

"you deal 7 points of chicken damage"

2 weeks later and i forgot some stuff. and i feel lazy right now so just bullet points

went to the library

- learned about the elemental planes. overworld locations with high concentration of elements (volcanos, stormy seas, deserts, clouds, etc) are in close planar proximity.

went carousing

- ospin woke up under a park bench and met Bellatrix

Got a quest from Morgain, Captain of the Craft District

- 5 Vials of Rust monster blood and a shit ton of Fey stone from a quarry about 2 days north of Gildam

Caught some cockatrice at the zoo

- 500g for returning the dozen cockatrice to their cage

went to thieves guild

- Shadow brough Limbo and Zahir down a well, past some traps and into a secret door where they came across 3 rogue figures and engaged. Elven woman call out to shadow by the name Eli and brings them to a prisoner

Bradley Denner?!


Arschev Arschev

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