Gates of Derrilen

Enter The Gatekeepers

After convincing Mayor Morrs to let them keep the clock tower as a home base, the mayor and the party were summoned to the Mages Guild for an emergency meeting. Upon arrival, they saw Tim the Sorcerer sitting at a large table along with Ithvikar, Warden, and Kawalsh, with a late arrival by Lillith. The party would then learn that the nature of this meeting was to discuss the Aboleth that was recently slain by the party.

Ospin explained that the Aboleth said it was awoken by a “Disruption in the planar gates”, which caused an almost palpable shift in tension among the mystery guests. Tim the Sorcerer explain that those who stood (or rather sat) before the party were 5 out of 8 of the outer gate keepers. There are 8 outer gates lead to dimensions that range from total structure and order to destructive, ever-changing chaos. In addition to these 8 outer planes, there are 6 Inner planes: The Four Elemental Planes of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water, The Feywild, and The Shadowfell. These portals were guarded by an adventuring party that had assisted the 8 Outer Gatekeepers previously. They took a vow of secrecy and hid with the location of the major gate to their plane. They only knew of how to contact one of these Inner Keepers, and that he would arrive a day later.

And then shit went down.

The meeting was abruptly (and rudely) interrupted by a large winged female devil, clad in full plate and an enormous longsword, came smashing into the side of the tower, followed by a large swarm of other devilish creatures. After a near death experience for Zahir Sahesh, the party managed to escape the tower with Mayor Morrs only to find an even larger cluster of devils outside the guilds doors. Hope seemed lost for this group as they were quickly outmatched by the sheer number of creatures surrounding them. Then even more shit went down. As the sound of rushing air grew ever louder, a large shadow flying impossibly fast over rained a thick purple smoke down on the opposing army. Before there was time to react, the smoke ignited into a blinding radiance, only shadows of the enemy remained, seared into the ground they stood upon. From the clearing of smoke, a Half-Elf rushed forward towards the party, one eye gold, one eye purple. Running past the party, he knocks back an necromancer assassin who came inches away from targeting Ospin. With the sudden turn of the tide, the mysterious necromancer called for a retreat as disappeared in an arcane flash. The 5 outer keepers met up with the party and revealed that the Half-elf was the 6th member of the outer keepers. In a turn of events, the Half-elf introduced himself as Seldom, Ospins former mentor.

After that, the party decided there was nothing left to do but wait for the inner gate keeper to arrive. In their free time, they went to The Rusty Nail and had a second go at the underground battle ring below the tavern. In the first bracket, Bewilder was paired of against his former mentor Luminaire and went down in the second round. Next bracket Zahir lost to a dwarf named Tavrok, looking for revenge after his defeat the night before. After defeating the previous champion and tavern owner, Vamorea, Zed Kazooie faced off against Luminaire in the final round, losing after putting up a good fight. During the fight, members of the party found their gold missing, and gave chase to a suspected halfling. Bewilder and Zara got caught up and distracted by a bar fight on the main floor while the halfling gave Zahir and Shadow the slip.

The party made their way back to the mages guild the next morning to find that the Inner Gatekeeper they awaited was none other than the blue scales of austrian fury, Luminaire. Luminaire explained that he was one in a party of 7 who were tasked with keeping the 6 inner planes safe, along with Mugen, Zen, Luna, Travis, Lucius, and Kairon. Zed and Zahir immediately recognized Mugen and Zen as their respective father. After death, the role of Gatekeeper is passed down to their eldest child, making both Zed and Zahir the new keepers of Fire and Air. Luminaire also mentioned that he saw Kairon death as he unleashed the raw elemental power of the Earth Gate, completely sealing The Empire of Katar off from the rest of the world. Before this however, Luminaire escaped with Kairon’s wife, Celia, and son to an area south of the Sandwall Highlands. In order to keep her son safe, Celia insisted that she be separated from the boy and left shortly after. He has not heard from either since.

The Eldritch Eight tasked the party with investigating the rest of the inner portals. Luminaire has a lead that a water gate may be located on Turtle Moon Island. The city of Talveraan is old enough that they might have some useful information, and the elves there have a strong connection with the Feywild. The History Guild at Gildam is one of the most extensive collections of information on the continent and is definitely worth looking at.


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