Gates of Derrilen

One found, and another lost

"That horse is a higher level than we are!"

With Verax back to relative safety, the party turns their attention to Bradley Denner. Denner agrees to meet with Savash and try to get him to leave The Shipyard (the name of his HQ). Unbeknownst to him however, The party agreed to send Bellatrix in as a spider to quietly keep an eye on him and do some recon about The Shipyard. She follows Bradley in and acts as a fly spider on the wall. A short conversation later – including talk of Immerals death, a retired adventuring party by the name of Crux somewhere in shilln, and a call for assistance in taking over shilln – they shake on it and Bradley is escorted out. Spider Bellatrix begins following Savash back to his office and catches him writing out a letter saying things like “complications in shilln”, “prison attack”, and “Reinforcements tonight” before he closes it and tucks it away. On the second floor of the building she find a room decorated with nautical accessories and a large table with a heavily marked map of Derillen. Points of interest included The Malos Basin, Shilln, Sunrise Swamp, and the lost Empire of Katar. The time on her wild shape fading, Bellatrix sneaks back out to the guild and fills the party in.

They take the information from Savash’s letter to mean that he’ll be taking reinforcements to shilln and decided to stake out The Shipyard in hopes of ambushing him when he leaves. They, along with Alder, hide out on the neighboring rooftops until early next morning. No sign of reinforcements or Savash. Unsuccessful, they make their way back to the guild to find that the well entrance has had its wood boards ripped off. the part quickly rushes down finding the main chamber in a state of severe dissaray. Crates smashed, papers strewn about the floor and the two remaining scouts lying in pools of their own blood. Frantically searching room to room, they finally find Verax, Traxxis, and James licking their wounds over whatever had just transpired.

“They came out of nowhere. There wasnt a sound to be heard in the guild except for the screaming coming from one of the scouts. But even that didn’t last long. We were fighting blind against what ever they were, creatures of torrential air tearing through these hallways. How are we supposed to fight what we couldn’t see? We didn’t stand a chance and they weren’t even after us!” James explains, words nearly screamed between hesitant silences. He points out the lifeless body of Bradley Denner

To be finished later!


Arschev Arschev

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