Gates of Derrilen

Prison Break

"I'd like to shoot Lisa Ann at the guards"

Upon seeing Bradley Denner under the thieves guilds watch, Shadow, Limbo, and Zahir agreed that it’d be best to rendezvous with the rest of the party before questioning/interrogating him.

During this time, the rest of the party decided to hit the town went carousing about. Ospin found himself in bed with Bellatrix the next morning with vague memories of gambling at an underground establishment, while Bewilder found himself in the shield districts holding center after a drunken scuffle with the guards.

Shadow waited for the rest of the party in the Satyr Springs tavern to bring them to his old guild, where he was eventually greeted by an incredibly intoxicated Ospin who gave his winnings to shadow for “Safe keeping.” The next morning Shadow and Ospin go out and search for their missing cleric and, to noones surprise, find out he’s been locked up. They agree to pay for his fines and reclaim his confiscated possessions. Simultaneously, Bewilder is making his escape with the help of 2 goblins (Slurry and Barvin), and a human (Yuslov), knocking out every guard that comes in. With a well timed Fog Cloud and a Bag of Holding getaway vehicle, the adventurers successfully prevent a full on guard conflict… for now.

After getting the group together, Shadow leads the way back into the thieves guild and introduces the party to his old crew. Davos, Traxxis, Alder, and a surprising new addition in the form of James Ford, son of the ex-holy districts commander, Alton Ford. After some pressing, James reveals the reason for this unlikely team up is that his father also went missing around the same time that Verax did and thinks they may be linked. They then begin to “question” Mr. Denner.

It’s revealed that the thieves guild was responsible for luring Bradley to Gildam under false pretenses due to his connection with Savash, Red Guard Captain of the Market District. Savash employed Immeral, a drow mage whom the party found hiding in the Clocktower at Shilln, to reduce the population of the town. (Immeral was responsible for the spider infestation to which Bradley was an accomplice, letting the initial spiders into town through the tunnels beneath his house.)

Savash has been making guild operations difficult, so Davos suggested he be the first target in ridding Gildam of the red guards Bradley says he never met Savash however, only worked through his middle man. A few beatings later and a well timed threat to his daughter Emily, Bradley agrees to be cooperative. Before taking out Savash, the party decides breaking Verax out of the Stelltigit Oubliette that lays secretly below the prison in the Shield District. Trying to set up a connection from within, Zahir and (who else but) Bewilder start an all out brawl with some of the guards at the Colliseum. They did such a good job that Lo-Kag “The Brawlzerker”, a Red Guard Captain of the Vice District, came and personally intervened, quickly knocking the two out. Lo-kag then dragged the unconscious adventurers to the Shieldgate Prison, transferring words with a man dressed in full red plate armor, similar to that of the guard captains.

Then shit went down.

As soon as the sun set, Ospin let loose a fireball, blowing the front gates open along with several guards. Limbo, Traxxis, and Alder then followed suit, causing a big enough commotion to distract the guards long enough for Shadow (currently using the Snapback of Disguise to look like a guard) and Bellatrix to sneak in. They found Zahir and Bewilders cells as Bellatrix went up ahead, leaving the rogue to do what he does best (pick locks, not not-deal dam). Once free, Bewilder goes off alone to get revenge against a guard who insulted his (dead) mother. Bewilder held his ground against the dozens of guards that swarmed him as Shadow, Zahir, and Bellatrix found their way into a hidden basement, guarded with traps and animated armor. After stiking down about a dozen guards down, Bewilder was confronted by the man in full red platemail, Onar Rotec, Red Guard Captain of the Shield District. One swing and a shit ton of damage dealt by Onar had Bewilder calling for backup, to which only Shadow heard and responded. Bewilder played defensively until Limbo and Ospin was able to flyby on the magic carpet and, using the bag of holding as a getaway vehicle again, managed to rescue the genasi cleric.

With half of the party fleeing for safety and the other half beneath the Prison, who knows what dangers await the party. Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z! SOLZ & BOBZZ


You will all be known and SOLZ & BOBZZ until you come up with a team name of your own

Prison Break
Arschev Arschev

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