Gates of Derrilen

The Awakening pt1

Someones bout to get woke son

After slaying the demons that possibly proved to be too strong for the party to handle, the mysterious figure calls out “Where is the daughter?” He stand almost 9ft tall with obsidian and gray skin that contrast his short silver hair. He bears a mark over his chest, two infinity symbols overlapped. Zara steps forth, recognizing the symbol as the same one she bears on her own chest. He explains that they are Children of Graz’zt. Seeing zaras confusion, he explains it would be easiest to explain at the Argent Palace and leads them further into the labyrinth of tunnels known as the Drillers Hives.

He reveals that the Children of Graz’zt is a title, not a relation. Zara has not yet awoken however, a journey she must accomplish with her allies. The only way to do so is at a temple just outside the city walls of Azzagrat, one of the three layers that Graz’zt controls. However due to erritory wars over the past 400years, this temple has been overrun by orcus’s minions. The temple was a way for followers on the material plane to traverse into the Abyss many years ago, meaning it just might be a way for the party to get out.

Zara reveals that every year on her birthday, people around her become sick and tend to die. Also, her birthday is in 5 days. He explains the “Sickness” that sprouts from her is the seed of power she holds trying to grow and break out, but without the awakening ritual, it is uncontrolled and dangerous. He can lead the party to the temple when they are ready, but inside is a task they must accomplish alone.

That night, Limbo has a dream. He stands tall above several goblins barking out orders in a language he doesn’t understand. A wolf sits besides him, a chained collar held in his left hand. The dream shifts. Suddenly his face is burning hot with fire. As he rises, he can feel the pain of burn marks and other wounds covering his body. A heavy armored individual lays unconscious next to him. He raises his hand against his will, going for the killing blow when his chest is pierced from behind. A split second later it explodes as he feels his body overcome with cold and awakening from his sleep.

The next day they head to the Market of Malice to better equip themselves for the task ahead.
Some buying and selling later, they acquire more enchanted gems, a few new nice weapons, and some exotic cloaks. As well as buying 3 Dragonborn slaves off of a hag. Balthus, a teenage gold dragonborn, Vexithal, an adolescent green dragonborn, and a young silver dragonborn who doesn’t speak much so noone knows his name.

The party returns to the Argent Palace to rest while contemplating their next move.


Arschev Arschev

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