Gates of Derrilen

Welcome to Gildam

After the interrogation, the party decided that there were more pressing matters at hand to get involved with this small town. They awoke the next morning to a town ready to follow the party into battle and fight back. The party instead convinced the citizens to seek aid from Shilln, and possibly look into forming an alliance with the “Snake People” that the Lizard Folk had mentioned. After a few horse purchases, they move on toward Gildam.

The party quickly gets distracted as they pass three glowing motes of red, blue, and green color. Zahir and Limbo decide to take chase and eventually follow these lights to three dead bodies around what seemed to be a recent lightning strike. While investigating the bodies, the party was ambushed by a large mass of living nature composed of vines, stones, and bits of bark. After a few surprises, including a self detonated fireball and a hostile symbiosis from the will o’ wisps, the party manages to overcome the threat and continues forward. As days go by, the party accidentally traverses through a patch of razorvine and narrowly escaping swarms of snakes hidden in the underbrush at the cost of two of their horses.

Upon finally leaving the forest, the party is greeted by an odd sight. A small collection of gazelles (Yes, gazelles in the forest. It’s canon and idgaf) with their horns tied together. As they freed the FOREST creatures, they were interrupted by four men in red armor and cloaks yelling “What are you doing with our bait?!” Before the party could ask “bait?” a monstrous shriek blasted as two wyverns rushed from the edge of the forest. Blows were exchanged as the wyverns poison brought one of the four armored individuals to his end. Bewilder rushed over to the fallen victim to bring him back to life, incurring a life debt from him. The guards explained that they were from Gildam with their captains and were trying to retrieve an escaped wyvern from the city zoo known as The Monster Menagerie and that there was a reward for it’s return. The second one was a surprise and would’ve overwhelmed them had the party not shown up.

Shortly after, A male green dragonborn flew in on a giant eagle, which shifted into an elven women after landing. They introduced themselves as Tobias and Freya, the two captains of the Expedition Guild, and offered the party passage into the city for helping their underlings.
Upon entering Gildam, the party passed through two layers of city walls, separated by well-worn terrain spotted with potholes and assorted scorch marks. Being new to the city, Tobias ordered the four guards to escort the party through the city and act as their guide. They made a few stops around the town, including a market district covered in halfling, elven, and infernal graffiti saying “Crash the Pigs Brandy”, before a group of children made off with one of the guards coin purse, causing the four of them to take chase.

Zara took this opportunity to immediately add Orcish to the selection of graffiti’d languages. Halfway through her scrawling, the air around her instantly removed of all noise as a dagger launched from the shadows into her leg. Barely surviving, but was rendered unconscious by whatever the dagger was coated with. A figure cloaked in black leather armor stepped from the shadows as Bewilder, in his new slowed form, rushed to save her. Ospin went to join the action, but fell unconscious by mysterious means as a smaller humanoid figure jumped from the rooftops, launching two daggers at Limbo. Shadow, who stood back processing the sudden chaos, was attacked from behind. The blue eyed assailant stopped a dagger inches from his face, allowing Shadow to disarm the dagger from his/her hand. With these unknown attacker seemingly having the upper hand, the party was surprised when the figure who attacked Shadow issued a retreat and all three mysterious figures disappeared into the shadows.


Arschev Arschev

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