Gates of Derrilen

A lot of shit went down

more deaths than a Shakespearian classic

A lot of shit has happened so im gonna try and cliff note this

  • Denner is dead and Davos is missing
  • They search the city the next day and find The Seer making a public display of her execution, telling the city they will “Rise Up” above the terrorists plaguing the city
  • Party fights with The Seer, Onar, and some elite guards
  • Party gets their asses kicked and Ozpin Dragneel (Arkaos?) gets kidnapped
  • Back at base, the party find a mysterious note saying what they seek is at the tournament from “T”
  • they kick some ass till they reach the final round
  • boss fight: 4-team free for all. the party vs Lo-kag the Brawlzerker and Ozpin Dragneel (Arkaos?)
  • Bewilder dies. Again. as does Verax
  • party wins, but Lo-Kags face is revealed to have black scarring/tattoos across it and explodes with nectrotic energy and comes back to life
  • They head to the Malos Basin for bewilders last rites. They find Tobias and Freya, 2 more red guard captains
  • Boss fight yo
  • Party wins and they both burst with energy (not explode, but more like a shockwave)
  • Meet Matoh, a Goliath Barbarian, on the way back to the city
  • thieves guild location compromised, new set up in guild crypts
  • Drummers march festival, party attacks savash
  • savash doesn’t explode? Isn’t marked like the others
  • The Seer organizes a “religious festival” in 5 days. Suuussspiiiiiicioooouuuuuousssssss!!!
  • Side Quest: Party gathers Fey Stone
  • Party delivers feystone to Content Not Found: Morgain, One of the Red Guard Captains, and Zahir Sahesh gets a date with her
  • Zara and Matoh get married
  • goes on date, ambushed by Onar on the way back to Morgains place
  • party wins, onar explodes, Morgain sides with friends
  • Morgain isnt marked either. +1 to Ally Count
  • throwdown at the history guild
  • black pillars resonate and people begin collapsing, shadows being sucked towards the tower
  • party rushes in
  • Demo, another one of the red guard captains, attack the party with his battle wagon construct
  • party wins, demo explodes
  • fight with Seer, 4 pillars act as conduits of some shadow energy
  • Limbo Dies, but doesn’t?
  • seer down, mystery tear in reality appears above him
  • cue bad idea, Zahir and Bellatrix touch it and disappear

Welcome to the Abyss Mothafuckas

  • Party gets attacked by many demons, almost dies several times
  • make their way to the second layer of the abyss (out of infinite)
  • come across a war of demons . Minions of Yeenoghu and Orcus are fighting for territory
  • party waits it out, then jumps in and sides with the Yeenoghu side
  • Party gets wrecked, but wins, then betrayed by the yeenoghu side
  • Limbo dies again. but doesnt? again?
  • Party isn’t looking great, then wambamslam some random "thing shows up and clears out the other demons hella quick


Arschev Arschev

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