Gates of Derrilen

Prison escape part 2

"i'll get in the cell, but no weird shit though"

Where we last left off over a month ago, the party was split. While Bewilder, Ospin, and Limbo flew away to safety,Shadow, Zahir, and Bellatrix were left to fend for themselves in the Stelltigit Oubliette. The three searched the cells they could find, however only finding an older man gaunt features and worn scars, they left him in his cell and continued searching the Oubliette. Further on, they walked in on 3 guards prepping an ambush from whatever was attacking outside. Luckily, Shadow was dressed as a guard with the help of the snapback of disguise and managed to quickly talk his way out of further conflict by sending the guards upstairs as backup. Several minutes of searching and questioning the previously found prisoner, they eventually found a secret passage leading to a room adorned with hooked chains, rusty carving tools, a blood-soaked stone table, and a stairway leading further down to a cell containing one white dragonborn by the name of Verax Frostfang, sporting a new heavy scar across his face and intricately chained to the ground and ceiling.

After getting shocked by a booby trapped cell lock and a surprise defensive cold breath attack from verax, they find that he’s been placed on a pressure plate mechanism of some sort that would activate if he were removed. They quickly emptied the bag of hold of whatever they could bear to part with to try and Indiana Jones counter weight the plate, but still fell short of Verax’s weight. With some quick thinking and iffy convincing, they were able to get the previous prisoner (who they still never bothered to ask his name or anything) to sit on the heap of junk so they could remove Verax safely. Once it occurred to the prisoner that they had no intention of rescuing him as well, he made a run for the door, activating the pressure plate. A loud crash of a slamming metal gate blocking the doorway startles the players as white smoke began to fill the room from the stone faces that adorned the four support pillars in the room. Failing to find a way to stop it, Shadow lit a bomb and blew the door the fuck up. It worked wonders, except that the smoke was flammable and sent a fiery explosion recoiling back into the room, knocking out both Verax and that other guy (still no name). Bellatrix and Shadow tried to carry Verax out but were met at the top of the stairs byOnar Rotec and several guards ready to strike down the intruders. SMOKEBOMB. Shadow throws it as he quickly tries to shove everyone in the bag of holding and dash the fuck outta there. After safely escaping the Oubliette, Shadow is greeted by the sight of Davos running circles around guards, kiting and distracting them as another Davos concentrates on the same sight. He runs up to her and dumps the bodies out to find that Verax is not breathing and beyond the help of divine magic. Then it didn’t matter.

Verax’s dead body began emitting a faint purple glow to it as he suddenly takes a deep breath back to life which was exhaled as a purple haze that just as quickly dissipates. With their mission done, Those remaining in the prison quickly fled back to the safety of the guild.


Arschev Arschev

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